It is the (presumptuous) purpose of this blogue to increase the appetite for hearty sermons in the Catholic Church.  To that end, I shall share my own reflexions for the Sundays and holy days appointed throughout the year.  I am a layman with no teaching authority within the Church and, as such, I encourage you to verify what I say in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  That being said, I do my utmost to remain faithful to the Magisterium of Christ’s Church.

As for me, my name is John.  I was received into the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of S. Peter (part of the Roman Catholic Church) on the Second Sunday in Advent (4 December) 2016.  My conversion was largely spurred by a desire for the Truth and for reliable authority, and that will no doubt be reflected in the writings I post here.

The blogue’s name is taken from psalm 44 (vv. 19–20), in which the Psalmist prophesies that Israël will ultimately remain faithful to God despite all his afflictions, saying:

Our heart is not turned back : neither our steps gone out of thy way;  No, not when thou hast smitten us into the place of dragons : and covered us with the shadow of death.

The modern world of ours is surely a place of dragons, and, despite all the troubles of the world, the Church will always remain faithful to her Lord, who sustains her by his grace.

This little project is entrusted to the patronage of S. Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury, who was martyred on 19 April 1011 at the hands of the pagan Norsemen who ravaged the English coast in those days.

S. Mary, pray for us.
S. John Baptist, pray for us.
S. John Evangelist, pray for us.
S. Alphege, pray for us.
Lord, have mercy upon us.  Amen.